4 January 2013

Nasi Arab Istanbul Aku Datang with Lisa Surihani Ohsem Sauce

Nasi Arab Istanbul Aku Datang with Lisa Surihani Ohsem Sauce
by: Subhi Karim, The Shooting Chef

Salam semua,

May i ask permission to write my entry in English + Malay, eventho i’m not good in English and my grammar is bad (trust me) but i'll try to deliver a good post for my 1st entry today!

First of all, congratulations to OHSEMWOK members, Adi Nang, Ishaq Ali & Azam Rasid for their OHSEMWOK recipes featured in the last 3 days. The recipes are really OHSEM, i will definitely try them all. Adi, your Asam Pedas A Famosa looks delicious! Azam, your Barramundi Portugese fish looks gorgeous and Ishaq Ali, your Tumis Pelikat Ayam looks very special. And thank you gang for inviting me to become 4th member of this OHSEM group (I’m number 4! LOL) a group of chefs photographers (not a professional chef but more like a chef at home)

So, today it’s my turn to share with you my recipe, and my recipe will be Nasi Arab and i called my version of nasi arab is “Nasi Arab Istanbul Aku Datang’” with “Lisa Surihani OHSEM Sauce’” Why this name.. up to me lah.. i got no concern (ade aku kesah) kan Adi? LOL!

I like nasi arab, my wife loves nasi arab and my family love nasi arab and we went to Nasi Arab restaurant once a week (used to) So since everyone loves nasi arab including my neighbour and ther cats, i’m thinking why not i try nasi arab.. jadi atau tidak belakang kire..so i tried. I called my friend his name is Mr Google so, i asked him about it..he gave me quite a lot of answers, so i tried to cook for the first time. And tried it again and again. Finally i found a way of cooking my nasi arab, simple and fast too!

Bahan2 “Nasi Arab Istanbul Aku Datang”
1. Beras Basmathi (saya guna Jasmine PUSA GOLD extra long)
2. Lamb (Ayam atau Daging pun boleh) but LAMB rules!
3. Tomato (2/3 biji)
4. Bawang besar (1/2 biji) bawang putih (3 biji)
5. Buah Pelaga (5/6 biji)
6. Jintan Manis (sudu kecil)
7. Serbuk Halia (sudu kecil)
8. Lada Hitam
9. Sos Tomato
10. Saffron yg sgt MAHAL hokey (pakai sedikit sahaja)
11. Sup Bunjut Adabi (Sup Tulang)


 Herbs & Spices


Cara Masak:

1. Untuk Jintan + kayu manis + lada hitam + buah pelaga, beli sahaja sup bunjut in packet (sup tulang) paling senang.. like i told you.. i found fastest way of doing it!

2. Rebus Lamb macam rebus sup tulang.. guna sup bunjut sehingga daging masak guna api sederhana. Rasa sendiri, bubuh garam utk rase secukupnya. Dah masak, asingkan lamb tadi dan air rebusan.

3. Blend bawang, bawang putih dan tomato.

4. Panaskan periuk besar menggunakan sedikit minyak masak dan api yang sederhana. Tumiskan hasil blend tadi (tomato, bawang, bawang putih). Masukkan serbuk halia, serbuk jintan manis, lada hitam dan saffron..gaul sehingga keluar bau yang best, dan letak garam secukup rasa. Tips, utk lebih rasa sedap, boleh letak pati ayam.

5. Masukkan lamb yang diasingkan tadi kedalam bahan2 yang ditumis tadi. Masukkan sos tomato dan gaul untuk marinade kan dia dengan api sederhana. Sos tomato boleh tambah kalau tidak mencukupi.

6. Masukkan beras ke dalam periuk tadi. Ratakan elok2 supaya daging dan beras sama rata.

7. Masukkan air rebusan tadi seperti nak masak nasi, air mesti lebih tinggi dalam lingkungan 1/2 inci. Tutup dan biarkan sehingga masak.

8. Beras basmathi akan masak dengan cepat (kena rendam sebelum masak). Selalunya akan masak sepenuhnya dalam 15 minit.

Bahan2 “Lisa Surihani Ohsem Sauce”:
1. Daun ketumbar
2. Tomato
3. Cili padi (sesuka hati)
4. Lemon
5. Cuka
6. Gula & Garam

Cara menyediakan: Blend kan tomato + daun ketumbar + cili sekaligus. Perah Lemon dan sedikit cuka utk menambah rasa. Tambah garam dan gula secukup rasa. OK SIAP!

My Nasi Arab Istanbul Aku Datang

Lisa Surihani Ohsem Sauce

Ok the truth is, why i named it Nasi Arab “Istanbul aku Datang” is one of the important ingredient in this nasi Arab is the Saffron (when i first knew this, i thought it’s a some type of clothing, u know chiffon..satin..LOL) It’s a herb mainly found in Middle Earth world.. Ops... Middle East (too much Hobbit in my mind) it’s essential in any Arab/middle east food i can say. It’s quite hard to get it here, MAYBE u can find it in flower shop or herb shop or some Indian kedai runcit. And the one I'm using in my dish today really came all the way from ISTANBUL! Sumpah, tak tipu! My wife’s relatives went to Istanbul and they bought me this Saffron! I love it! It’s small portion but i can use it maybe 3 to 5 times, maybe more!

That’s all for today! Enjoy the photos while i’m enjoying my dish! :p Tomorrow will be Ishaq Ali’s turn..stay tuned with us!