8 January 2013

Mushroom Adam & Hawa

Mushroom Adam & Hawa
by: Subhi Karim, The Shooting Chef

Salam & good day!   

Eight days have passed in 2013 and I’m not quite over with all the recipes that each members has contributed here in this blog. One day, one recipe. Isn’t tough to catch up? Each one of us basically will share 91 recipes in average, in one year! I need to prepare & take picture of my dish every 4th day. And surely it will become tougher throughout the year. I'm sure Adi, Ishaq and Azam agree with me on this. It is tough!

But that’s the unique & Ohsemness this blog will be. That’s the challenge! So today is my turn to share recipe Number 8 out of my 91 recipes and out of 365 recipes in total.

Mushroom Adam & Hawa

A very simple dish that you can prepare within 20 minutes or so, even in 15 minutes if you are really good in kitchen. The basic stuff in the dish are also my favorite combination of ingredients. It’s a garlic and butter. The very basic ingredient yet the perfect combination! Just Ohsem! Always. The aroma of butter mixed with garlic is so nice, that can never be separated away, just like Adam & Hawa..tidak boleh dipisahkan...(kau ni jangan poyo sangat bleh tak...Awie style)

What you gotta do is get a 1/4 cup of butter, 1 clove garlic (minced) fresh mushroom (white/brown button mushroom) sliced, baby tomato (sliced), dried parsley & salt. That’s it.

Melt butter in a medium size pan with medium heat. Stir in garlic and mix slowly for about 2 minutes. Ahhhh the smell is so nice! Add mushrooms & tomatos, cook until soft for around 10 minutes. Season with parsley and salt...and serve!

Tips: I would personally recommend to cook Mushroom Adam & Hawa in the morning during weekend and have it with some bread and coffee. Simple and nice! Oh don’t forget to turn the song Adam & Hawa by Hafiz & Siti Nurhaliza during the preparation, to get the whole feeling of it. Just kidding..

Ohhh Ohsem!


  1. try lahh recipe nehhh

    -subhi karim

  2. of coz ...simple n gojes, cendawan tu pkai yg kering punye ek?

  3. nak kene dengar lagu adam dan hawa tak boleh tahan tu. but look like soooo yummehhhhh... :-)