12 January 2013

Mushroom Sumbat Tak Berapa Jadi

Mushroom Sumbat Tak Berapa Jadi
by: Subhi Karim, The Shooting Chef

Yes, "Mushroom Sumbat Tak Berapa Jadi" adalah nama sebenar, bukan nama samaran. Dan ini tiada kena mengena dengan Mushroom Adam & Hawa saya sebelum ini.

Last week, me and my family, we went to Italian Restaurant to have our brunch and we had some very special stuffed mushroom as a appertizers, I don't know the exact name and actually I don't even bother to ask..ha ha. But it was delicious. And I had my mind on it for quite some time and today I've decided to prepare the same dish. To try actually. Well not exactly the same one and I don't expect it to be exactly the same. I tasted it before so I had a wild guess about the ingredients.

 Fresh mushroom & minced beef (to be prepared with pasta sauce)

Buttercup, cream & ground ginger are for the creamy sauce. I used Prego pasta sauce because I don't think its necessary to prepare the sauce from scratch since this just my first attempt. Right.

So i prepared the Pasta Sauce with minced beef as the photo above. Senang kan recipe hari ni?! Tunjuk gambar je.

Okay. This part is very important. I don't care how you do it LOL, just stuff the pasta sauce inside the mushroom. I even make a square cut-out to fill-in the sauce. Practical! But the look is quite awful! Lastly, I put some cheese on it. To be frank, I don't even know how to do this. This was my first and I just kinda like to do it my own way!

I baked the mushroom for 15 minutes. And I poured the cream sauce to give bit more gravy to the whole dish. Done! My first attempt for this stuffed mushroom and I named it "Mushroom Sumbat Tak Berapa Jadi" Rasalah! I hope I will get a chance to do it again, and maybe give it a better name.

Actually, after i tasted it.. it's not bad. it's quite delicious too! Yum2!

Okay, off to work. See you in the next 4 days!

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