1 February 2013

Mussels in Creamy Sauce

Mussels in Creamy Sauce
by: Subhi Karim, The Shooting Chef

Hi February!

Another mussels recipe?! Boring...Hahaha

If you are familiar with Manhattan Fish Market Restaurant, they serve this menu as a starter - mussels in creamy sauce and they have this menu serve with white bread. This food is actually one of my favorite. I will order this every time I go to MFM. But my version will be different because I'm using my own recipe to get KONON2 the same taste..Haha..So it's not exactly the same, but mine still delicious I think! Haha..if not I wouldn't want to share it here..Eceh.. Puiiii!

1. Mussels
2. Cooking Cream
3. Cream Milk
4. Buttercup
5. Garlic (minced)
6. Ginger Powder
7. Dried Parsley
8. Black Pepper (lil bit)
9. Salt (secubit)

Mussels (kupang)


 Parsley & Ginger ground are essential in this recipe!


Melt butter in a medium hot pan. Add in minced garlic and cook around 3/4 minutes. Smell good!

Add in mussels, cook for 5/6 minute. Add in cooking cream (half cup). Add in full cream milk (half cup). Cook for another 2 minute. Add in seasoning - parsley (a teaspoon), ginger (1/2 teaspoon), lil bit of black pepper. You may add salt (secubit cukup). Cook for another 2/3 minute.



Makan dengan roti! Zaes loves it!

Atau dimakan begitu sahaja! Actually this is more like a tapas food.

Ok, ciow.. see you in the next 4 days!

Subhi Karim