12 February 2013

Tortilla Grilled Prawn Cheese

Tortilla Grilled Prawn Cheese
by Azam Rasid - The Cinematochef

Hai hai hai! Gong Xi Fa Cai to all chinese in Malaysia, UK, USA, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Tokyo, Korea, Gangnam, Seoul, and earth as well...

The year of snake may bring you more happiness and prosperity, not snake in the cabin ya! :-P

Today the simple menu I want to share during this CNY is Tortilla Grilled Prawn Cheese! Which the fast and furious and tasteful recipe that you never imagine before.

The ingredients are very simple;

- Fatty Prawn
- Cherry tomatoes
- Salads
- Tortilla
- Cheese
- Black pepper
- Mayonnaise
- Chilli sauce
- Buttercup
- Maggi seasoning

Easy right? Look like too many things... actually not... ahaha

Okay, first of all, grilled the prawns and tomatoes with a scoop of buttercup in pan... Sprinkle some black pepper and salt... Do not fried the prawns too long, just about 30s-1mins ya! Ohya, don't forget put some maggi seasoning..

Then, toast your tortilla to make it crispy hot. Then, throw all away prawns, tomatoes, cheese, salads, mayonnaise, chilli sauce on the tortilla! Wrap it nicely okay!

Taddaaaaa! Ohsem Tortilla Grilled Prawn Cheese is ready to rollin'!

Azam Rasid

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